Friday, 21 November 2014

Review | Dream Dots For Spots

Dream Dots For Spots
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A few weeks back I received the infamous Dream Dots to review. I had seen them on a few blogs and had also watched some YouTube videos on them and I was SO excited to try them out. I waited and waited for a spot and nothing. My friends were all asking what they were like and I couldn't tell them because my skin was glowing...typical! Last night I posted a joke to Lipstick And Louboutins blog facebook saying that it was the best skincare ever as I hadn't had a spot since it arrived. Well I hadn't the words out of my mouth and boom...a spot! I just seemed to arrive all of a sudden. 

I was amazed when I put on the dream dot at how totally invisible it is. I had tea with a friend and we were chatting about the blog. When I said I was trying out the dream dots she literally had to look around my face for it. 

So this morning when I woke up... 

As you can see the treated spot has COMPLETELY and totally disappeared. My skin at the effected area even feels soft and smooth. The only bad news is that I now have a second spot literally right beside where the other one was but no worries I'll just pop on another dream dot tonight. Honestly girls, the way they work is nothing short of AMAZING!!!! 

If you haven't tried dream dots then you need to!!
Thanks for reading! :)
Melissa x


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