Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Hi girls!! 

I'm so excited to be back from my little blogging break. I really missed it but a newborn baby is hard work. I had to find a balance between being a mammy and finding time to blog. I'm sure I'll manage it. Soooo as most of you already know from our facebook page Jake has arrived and is the cutest little baby ever. I suppose I am a little bias being his mammy but oh my God he is gorgeous. 

The whole mammy thing is a complete and total change of lifestyle but it's amazing. Once you get into a bottle making routine and eventually learn how to put a buggie together you're laughing. They say you should sleep when they sleep during the day to make up for your sleep deprivation at night time but I find that really hard because I'm still in that oh my God I can't believe he's mine and I can't stop staring at him phase!! He's asleep right now and I'm here typing away in my pyjamas! I love being able to hear his little snores when he's cute!! 

The arrival of Jake has given me the idea to add a pregnancy and parenting section to the blog. Now don't get me wrong, Jake is only three weeks old so I'm not claiming to be an expert or anything but I will share things like stuff that helped me through pregnancy, things that make being a mammy a little easier and how I maintain a beauty regime with my new hectic schedule etc! I hope this is something that will interest you guys. As with all my posts I will be 100% open and honest. 

He's such a little sweetheart x
I won't go into too much detail but honestly girls the whole having a baby thing is totally fine. I think if I can do it then anybody can. My whole pregnancy I was listening to women telling me that and all I could think was ''Yeaaaah right'' but it actually is. I can't finish the blog post without giving a little mention to my other half Josh who has being amazing throughout everything!! I thought I couldn't love him more but I was wrong. Watching him look after, cuddle and just be with Jake makes me a very emotional a good way like! He has brought so much happiness into both our lives and our families lives. 

I LOVE this picture x
I'm not sure what else to say because I don't want to bore you all with me blabbing on. If there is anything you want to know about pregnancy, labour or motherhood and think I may be able to help then feel free to message me on our facebook page or email me at

Thank you for reading.
Love Melissa...and Jake!! ;) x


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