Thursday, 20 November 2014

A Mammy's Life Made Easier

Most of you who follow Lipstick And Louboutins on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram know, I recently gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy!! Jake is now five weeks old so you could say I am well and truly settled into my new role as a mammy so I decided to share with you all some bits and bobs that make my everyday jobs and duties that little bit easier. I guess this blog post is best suited to new of first time mammy's but don't click away because you never know what I may use that you may never even have heard of.
Me and my little cutie pie!! x
Many babies have a small amount of dry and/or flaky skin. Jake gets it on his hands, feet and sometimes his forehead. It seems to be worse after a bath for some reason. Something that helps me A LOT with this is the Forever Living Aloe Propolis Creme. One application keeps the problem at bay for a few days and each time I apply it the dry skin is less and less. I usually apply it following a bath and before bed time as it doubles up as a little baby massage and leaves my little squish super calm and relaxed. Mammy's can also apply the Aloe Propolis Creme all over as an intensive moisturizer and to combat stretch marks. For more information or to order this product check out my Forever Living Products representative's facebook page HERE

 Next up is the Pharmacy Brand Glycerine & Aniseed. Please excuse the crappy google images picture but the actual stuff is gone in Jake's baby bag with his daddy while mammy has a relaxing morning doing blog posts. ;) If Jake is struggling to get up his wind after being fed or if he is just a little unsettled and struggling to sleep then this stuff is the answer. I dip his soother into it, pop it into his mouth and he LOVES it. It is completely sugar, glucose, colours and alcohol free. Whenever I am trying to describe it's effects to someone I always say it's like when you put peanut butter on your tongue and it feels kind of thick and dry...only the glycerine and aniseed it actually nicer. We call this ''the magic stuff''! :)

For bottle feeding mammy's there are many ways of sterilising bottles...obviously but I find the Avent microwaveable steriliser soooo handy. All you need to do is wash the bottes in the sink, pop them in the sterilising unit, place this into a microwave and the water in the base of the unit uses steam to sterilise them super fast!

The Clevamama sterilising soother tree works pretty much the same way as the Avent microwavable bottle steriliser. To be honest I just put the soothers in to steralise along with the bottles. I use this more for storing the steralised soothers than anything else. Atleast this way you know they are always spotless for your little one.

This is quite an obvious one but nappy sacks are great. These ones are from ALDI and are scented so no dodgy smells as a result of nappies in the bin. The Mamia nappy sacks smell great to be honest. Also handy in the car for bits of rubbish on long journeys. 

Besides cuddling mammy or daddy this is Jake's favourite place in the world. It is a little bouncer chair that gently vibrates and he just loves it. It is suitable to use from birth to three years. Only this week my sister attached the arch with the frog and monkey on it and he has a great time bouncing away playing with them. It's amazing how alert they are when they are so young. I'm not sure where this chair is from as it was a gift...he's spoiled! ;)

Kisses from daddy! x
Last but most definitely not least is the formula powder dispenser. Again, as with the glycerine and aniseed please forgive the google images photo, the real thing is gone in Jake's baby bag. We bought our powder dispenser in Tesco for like €2.99. Jake is currently taking 5oz of formula so we put five scoops of powder and add it to a sterilised bottle of water when we need it. This way the bottles are always as fresh as possible. I find these dispensers particularly useful for the baby bag when we are on the go and for night feeding. 

Other than that I rely on coffee and cuddles from the little man to keep me going! I am LOVING being a mammy. He is just the cutest, sweetest little thing!
Thank you for reading!
Love Mel x





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