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REVIEW | Forever Bright Sparkling Aloe Vera Toothgel

REVIEW | Forever Bright Sparkling Aloe Vera Toothgel

So early last month I held a very successful Forever Living Aloe Vera Party in my house in Cork. I had heard and read so much about aloe Vera products on social media sites lately that I was really excited an curious to see the demonstrations and to get the information first hand. 

So who are Forever Living Products? 

Forever Living Products are a huge, worldwide company with over 8.5 million distributors. They operate in over 145 countries and are generating more than 2 billion dollars in sales annually. Forever Living Products and it's affiliates are the largest growers, distributors and manufacturers of aloe vera in the world. They own over 90% of the world's supply of aloe vera. They have an amazing range of products that covers beauty, skincare, nutrition, weight management, personal care and cosmetics. 

The Aloe Vera Party

I really really enjoyed the party, as did everyone! What I loved about the products is that they are totally natural and in most cases multi use. The majority of them are so gentle that they can be used on all family members, even newborns!!! I purchased a few bits but what I am reviewing today is the forever living aloe tooth gel. 

My Review 

Spoiler alert: I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! My teeth are something I have never loved. If I ever had to have surgery or change something about myself it would be my teeth! However the aloe Toothgel has changed this in a major way for me. I use it twice a day, morning and night. You only need a pea sized amount so it will last you ages. Sometimes during the day if I feel my mouth or my breath needs a little freshening up I pop a little on my tongue, swish it around with water and spit it out again. You feel 100 times fresher instantly. It's so natural you can even swallow it and it wouldn't do you any harm whatsoever! 

I have noticed my teeth whiten in a major way but also my gums have gone from a painful inflamed red to a healthy glowing pink. It has literally given me the confidence to smile again! In addition to that if you are pregnant, particularly in the very early or very late stages where you may be nauseous you need this!!! The aloe tooth gel is the only toothpaste I have been able to tolerate throughout my pregnancy. It's refreshing and minty but without being too overpowering and sickening. 

I know what you are thinking. You're thinking it can't be THAT good but it really really honestly is. Anyone who follows my blog religiously knows that I don't sugarcoat or lie when it comes to reviewing products. I am always 100% honest and straight in my opinions. 

Some other benefits of Forever Bright Sparkling Aloe Vera Toothgel 

~ Fights plaque
~ Whitens Teeth
~ Helps to naturally heal mouth ulcers or blisters
~ Can be used to freshen up even your pets breath
~ Suitable for vegetarians 
~ 100% natural peppermint and spearmint flavour
~ Contains no fluoride

Where can I buy aloe tooth gel? 

Forever Living Aloe Vera products can be purchased directly from the companies distributors or from their online stores. If you want more information on this product or any other aloe vera products you can email me at or check out this website . Purchases can also be made on this website so why not treat yourself!! You can follow Aloeshopdirect on facebook HERE! Seriously you won't regret it!!!

As always thanks for reading!!
Love Melissa x

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