Thursday, 2 October 2014

NAIL ART HOW TO | Freaky Frankenstein

NAIL ART HOW TO | Freaky Frankenstein

1. Apply a layer of base coat followed by two layers of your favourite shade of green. The one I used was from Penneys/Primark. Allow the colour to dry fully!!

2. Using a super small paintbrush which you can get from any arts and crafts shop, it doesn't need to be an expensive one draw on your black details. I broke this down into two sections so you guys could see exactly what I was doing.

3. Again using your small paintbrush finish your black detailing. I added some creepy eyebrows and lip stitches in picture three. The eyes are something you can have fun with. You can make him look extra spooky by using larger white dots or else make him a little goofy by drawing them on in opposite corners.

4. Once all these details are 100% completely dry apply your favourite top coat. I used Sally Hansen's Diamond Shine. 

Please note girls and guys that the reason I done this on a plastic tip was because I couldn't bring myself to remove the baby pink shade I was wearing. I'm sure all you manicure addicts will understand. These nails can be purchased in Boots. You get like 200 in a pack. I think they are great for anyone who loves nail art but suffers from a shaky hand. By using these tips you can decorate to your hearts content and then glue them on! It couldn't be easier. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my ''Freaky Frankenstein'' nail art tutorial. There will be lots more to follow!! Feel free to email me your ideas and suggestions to I would LOVE to see your Frankenstein nails if you give it a try also. 

Thanks for reading!
Love Melissa xx

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