Monday, 25 August 2014

My Pregnancy - The Third Trimester | HURRY UP BABY!!

Right now I am 34 weeks and 2 days pregnant which is a very scary thought. The time has literally flew by and we are now well and truly into the homestretch. If I'm honest I was dreading the third trimester as I heard so many awful things about how painful and uncomfortable it is but I honestly feel great...most of the time. Don't get me wrong it isn't all plain sailing and I often need some help from my amazing other half, Josh, to get off the couch or out of bed. Oh and tying shoelaces has become rocket science because I can no longer see or reach my feet!!

My cravings right now are cool pops, preferably Mr. Freeze but I'm not fussy. I've even been eating ice cubes during desperate times. If my baby is born a snowman (or snowwoman) I only have myself to blame. Unfortunately as we all know the weather has taken a turn for the worst so maxi dresses and skirts are no longer an option really. I'm raging because they were soooo comfy and easy to dress up or down. Incase you are confused yes the photo on the left does show me in jeans but they have an elasticated waist. I got them in Penneys/Primark like two years ago for €11 and they are still going strong.

My maternity leave from work is due to start very soon... (sad times)!! While I am looking forward to the break and the time to prepare for baby I will miss it big time. Anyone who knows me or even regularly follows my blog will know how much I LOVE doing nails but hey it is only temporary. My other half is praying we have a boy for two reasons, one he can corrupt to his gaming and comic book ways and two if it is male the risk of the child having a shellac manicure for its christening is much lower! (jokes obvs) I will atleast wait until she turns one!!! ;) Speaking of the babies sex I am so delighted we didn't find out what we were expecting. The not knowing makes it way more exciting. If I'm really honest the thing I'm looking forward to most is seeing Josh, my parents and my sisters cuddling and playing with the baby. I wonder how many times I will cry?? I'm an emotional wreak at the best of times with soppy stuff.

My mammy or The Fairy Grandmother as I now call her and my daddy arrived to Cork this weekend with a mountain of baby stuff and I mean A MOUNTAIN!! Mammy 100% went into the baby aisle of Dunnes and/or Tesco and just grabbed one of at least everything. It's very overwhelming and really really amazing to see how much love they already have and how excited they are for babies arrival. I can tell already it's going to be spoiled rotten. Josh and I spent a good hour today packing it all away into the baby press. Almost half of our wardrobe is now baby clothes, supplies etc but it's great. I love having a root sometimes and smelling all the Johnson's products and looking at how tiny the little outfits are. It's a little scary that something so tiny will be wearing them.

Baby kicks have gotten ten times stronger and are often straight into the ribs. This can be a little uncomfortable at times but it is still a wonderful feeling. It's weird to think that there is a little person hiding away in there just waiting to meet us. I don't want to blather on to much because I don't want to bore you guys but if any of you have any questions regarding pregnancy you can email me at or you can private message our facebook page here

Thanks for reading!!
Love Melissa & Bump xx



  1. Awh Melissa, what a lovely post! Good luck for the incoming weeks <3

  2. Pregnancy is a wonderful time enjoy it best wishes for the next few weeks


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