Monday, 14 July 2014

Review | Real Techniques Stippling Brush

So this week I treated myself to a new stippling brush. The one I had was old and despite being looked after decided to start losing it's hair. The time had come to dump it!! I had heard so many good things about the Real Techniques brushes so I decided to give them a go.
So off I popped to my local Boots in Mallow and picked up the stippling brush. When I was paying for it the girl behind the counter told me she uses it and loves it. I couldn't wait to try it. I like to pump some foundation onto the back off my hand and then gently dip my stippling brush into it in a circling motion and then buff it onto my face in upwards circular movements. I was so impressed at the smooth and flawless job it done. It's also extremely lightweight and the flat round base means you can stand it up on your dresser or shelf. Your makeup brushes make a huge difference to your finished look! I am defo buying more Real Techniques brushes... I NEED THEM ALL!!!
I love the makes it super girly
I LOVE how densely packed the bristles are
 TOP TIP: Once your have your foundation finished you can apply more to certain areas for more coverage. For example, I always apply a little extra in my t-zone as this is where my makeup tends to disintegrate from first. You can do this by dabbing the brush onto the area and press the extra product inwards. It is also perfect for applying highlighter as it is gentle enough not to disturb the foundation underneath. 

You can purchase your own Real Techniques stippling brush by clicking HERE. Don't forget to collect your Boots Advantage Points as they build up to a nice little free treat every now and again!

Thank you for reading!!
Love Mel xx


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