Thursday, 3 July 2014

Push Makeup Product Reviews


I was like a child on christmas morning opening these...actually no I was worse!

When Push Makeup reached out to beauty bloggers to take part in a Push Makeup Challenge I jumped at the chance. I've heard so much about Push Makeup and always creep their facebook but I hadn't actually tried any of their products until now. Basically the challenge was that I had to post a totally embarrassing no makeup selfie to facebook, twitter and instagram. I then had one hour to create a fun and hopefully someway gorgeous makeup look using only five products!!!

When I opened the parcel and saw foundation I was like YAY!!! I couldn't wait to try it. It was quite late when I got my post as I was late home but I still couldn't resist trying it out. This foundation is amazing. The best way I can explain it is that it has the same coverage and staying power as the infamous EsteƩ Lauder Double Wear without looking caked and is a million times easier to reply. I was a bit bold during the week and used a baby wipe instead of my usual Dermalogica and I have a few spots on my chin as a result. All I could think was typical, I have to do a makeup challenge with a blotchy red chin BUT the Push HD Foundation totally covered them. This can be clearly seen in the before and after pictures at the end of this blog post. Push HD Foundation can be purchased here: Trust me, you won't regret it.

The lipstick is an amazing colour. I love purples as they work well with my dark hair and contrast with my green eyes although saying that I barely ever use or buy purples so I was delighted to receive this. The pigment is amazing. It is like a burst of colour onto your lips. It is very easy to apply and is very long lasting. I have quite dry chapped lips. I bite them when I am bored or frustrated so as a result they aren't in the best nick. The Push Darcy Lipstick totally concealed this and despite being matte is has a really good moisturising feel to it. Push Darcy Lipstick can be purchased here:

Push HD Pigments Shadow in bubbles is quite a multifunctional and creative product. I swept it across my eyelid for a fun and sparkly look but it also looks amazing dusted across your cheek or brow bones, basically anywhere you highlight. I love finding a product like that. As pigments go this one is quite easy to control. Just apply it to your brush, tap off the excess and away you go! Push HD Pigments Shadow (Bubbles) can be purchased here:

The Push Brown Mud Gel Eye Pencil just effortlessly glides on. It is so easy to apply and gives instant colour. I love brown eyeliners and this has gone straight to my list of favourites. Aswell as having amazing pigment this eye pencil also blends really well making it really easy to do a fab smokey eye. Push Brown Mud Gel Eye Pencil can be purchased here:


So it's back to purples again with the Push Define Liquid Eyeliner in Purple Orchid. When it comes to liquid eyeliners this is the kind of brush you want. It is similar to a little tiny paintbrush and it moves with you and the flow of your hand making it very easy to create various eyeliner looks. I really liked the colour on my eyes. It is a refreshing and welcome break from black all the time. I guess that just puts the whole idea of the challenge into prospective... I Push-ed myself to try something new and different and now I love it!!

So here is my Push #readysteadypushmakeup challenge before and after picture. It's actually scary what a difference just five products can make to a girls face. Where would we be without our war paint eh?!

To finish up I would like to thank Push Makeup for the gorgeous products and for chosing me to take part in your challenge. I really enjoyed it!! xx

For more information on Push Makeup you can check out their website or visit them on facebook here:



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