Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Living With The Opposite Sex - Survival Tips

Hi Lipstick & Louboutins readers.

Firstly I want to apologise for the lack of website activity the past few days. I have just been really tired and exhausted. I don't mean to neglect you ladies but pregnancy isn't always plain sailing. On the bright side it's less than 10 weeks until Lipstick And Louboutins little mascot arrives!!!

So July 30th 2013 was the day I first moved in with Josh, my other half which makes today our ''one year of putting up with each other anniversary'' as we have affectionately named it. A conversation with a friend today inspired this blog post because she was telling me about how her and her boyfriend of two years were due to move in together in a week and she is soooo nervous. I decided to rack my brain and try to put it into words and little tips on what works for Josh and myself. Basically how we manage to not crack up, even with all the preggo hormones. 

This works both ways. He needs to accept that you 100% do need way more bathroom press space than him and you need to accept to keep it tidy and awaaaaay from his manly maintenance products ie hair gel and lynx. Don't even bother trying to hide spot creams, tampons, hair removal creams etc because 1 what is the point because 2 he will eventually find them anyway. If he wants you to be fabulous he needs to accept that these products, however gross they may be are essentials. 

When you and your other half decide to move in together you are essentially combining two lives and two worlds which adds up to a hell of a lot of stuff. Just agree on day one of who owns what side of the wardrobe and how many drawers you each get. This will also avoid football boots or dirty over worn converse being fired in on top of your favorite handbag. The accumulating does not stop there though as you will now be making purchases together to make your house or apartment a home. Just try your best to agree on where the new lamp or photo frame looks best and everyone is a happy camper. 

Cleaning The Castle
Gone are the days when the woman of the house done all the cooking and most cases. I honestly feel like these kinda jobs should be 50/50. Although saying that there are some days when I get bursts of cleaning and I'm like Mrs Mops going around!! I think this is known as ''nesting'' in the pregnancy world. Halving the jobs means less work for both. The majority of the time I actually enjoy cooking for him and a certain amount of just want to look after them like!!

The Small Stuff
By this I mean the little habits you both may have that may or may not bother the other. My pet hates are noisy eaters and crisp bags rattling. It just drives me bananas. Someone rattling a crisp bag is my equivalent to nails on a blackboard. I JUST HATE IT and tend to have a little ''Melissa Moment'' when I hear it...Josh just laughs it off. Thank God!! On the other hand I am shocking for just dropping my handbag whenever it lands. It could be the floor, the couch, the stairs anywhere and then I'm whinging when it can't be found so that kind of balances the scales. Then there is always the classics like the toilet seat being left up, his boxers and/or socks on the floor etc. Just put it down and pick them up and move on. Don't go sweating the small stuff. 

One of my favourite things is a Sunday morning lie in and then pajamas until late afternoon. You cannot be expected to be Beyonce standard all day everyday so just be comfortable with each other. You should be able to be a complete bum or red carpet ready depending on how you feel that day and not be paranoid about it. I just could not be one of these women who always looks amaaazing. We need our lazy days and they are twice as good with a lazy day buddy!

No Secrets
You will get to know each other really really well, the good and the not so good. You will have to support each other no matter what especially when it comes to all night tummy viruses or worse... It's hard to look your usual gorgeous self when you feel and look like this but again it works both ways. One thing you absolutely have to do is close the bathroom door when you are busy...there is nothing more unattractive! 

Soooo it is 10:30PM and my mind is failing me!! That is all I can think of right now. Let me know your tips and advice in the comments below!! I hope you got a lil giggle out of this. 

Love Mel xx 



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