Thursday, 3 July 2014

10 Random Facts About Me!

1. I LOVE dogs a ridiculous amount. I get sad if I see a dog wandering around town without an owner!!

2. In primary school I won a load of national awards for having the best and neatest handwriting. I'm still a total neat freak to this day!

3. I once had a pet gerbil. Her name was Phoebe because she was kinda crazy like Phoebe from friends. Mammy and I cried so much when she went to gerbil heaven.

4. When I was really young I actually tried to shave my face because I saw my daddy doing it! I'm lucky I don't look like the Joker's sister now lol! 

5. I once played in Croke Park for Offaly ladies. It was only a little half time match when I was like 13 but it was an amazing experience.

6. The first foundation I ever bought was £2 in Texas in Tullamore. It was an awful panstick yoke and was literally yellow in colour but at the time I was delighted with life!! 

7. As a child whenever I ate anything I would never finish it. I would always leave some for my daddy when he came home from work. It could have been sweets, crisps, dinner or whatever but I always left some for him. Harmless or what?? 

8. I love to bake especially the decorating at the end!

9.  My favourite colour is baby pink. I love it!! I nearly always have it on my nails and on my lips. I always picture my bridesmaids dresses to be baby pink to!

10. My favourite alcoholic drink is a mojito. I just love how refreshing they are. I am terrible for robbing the glasses from the bar to depending on how many I've had. They always just look so pretty! 

 I hope that gives you guys a little insight into me, myself and I.
As always thanks so much for reading!!

Love Mel. xx


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