Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Living With The Opposite Sex - Survival Tips

Hi Lipstick & Louboutins readers.

Firstly I want to apologise for the lack of website activity the past few days. I have just been really tired and exhausted. I don't mean to neglect you ladies but pregnancy isn't always plain sailing. On the bright side it's less than 10 weeks until Lipstick And Louboutins little mascot arrives!!!

So July 30th 2013 was the day I first moved in with Josh, my other half which makes today our ''one year of putting up with each other anniversary'' as we have affectionately named it. A conversation with a friend today inspired this blog post because she was telling me about how her and her boyfriend of two years were due to move in together in a week and she is soooo nervous. I decided to rack my brain and try to put it into words and little tips on what works for Josh and myself. Basically how we manage to not crack up, even with all the preggo hormones. 

This works both ways. He needs to accept that you 100% do need way more bathroom press space than him and you need to accept to keep it tidy and awaaaaay from his manly maintenance products ie hair gel and lynx. Don't even bother trying to hide spot creams, tampons, hair removal creams etc because 1 what is the point because 2 he will eventually find them anyway. If he wants you to be fabulous he needs to accept that these products, however gross they may be are essentials. 

When you and your other half decide to move in together you are essentially combining two lives and two worlds which adds up to a hell of a lot of stuff. Just agree on day one of who owns what side of the wardrobe and how many drawers you each get. This will also avoid football boots or dirty over worn converse being fired in on top of your favorite handbag. The accumulating does not stop there though as you will now be making purchases together to make your house or apartment a home. Just try your best to agree on where the new lamp or photo frame looks best and everyone is a happy camper. 

Cleaning The Castle
Gone are the days when the woman of the house done all the cooking and most cases. I honestly feel like these kinda jobs should be 50/50. Although saying that there are some days when I get bursts of cleaning and I'm like Mrs Mops going around!! I think this is known as ''nesting'' in the pregnancy world. Halving the jobs means less work for both. The majority of the time I actually enjoy cooking for him and a certain amount of just want to look after them like!!

The Small Stuff
By this I mean the little habits you both may have that may or may not bother the other. My pet hates are noisy eaters and crisp bags rattling. It just drives me bananas. Someone rattling a crisp bag is my equivalent to nails on a blackboard. I JUST HATE IT and tend to have a little ''Melissa Moment'' when I hear it...Josh just laughs it off. Thank God!! On the other hand I am shocking for just dropping my handbag whenever it lands. It could be the floor, the couch, the stairs anywhere and then I'm whinging when it can't be found so that kind of balances the scales. Then there is always the classics like the toilet seat being left up, his boxers and/or socks on the floor etc. Just put it down and pick them up and move on. Don't go sweating the small stuff. 

One of my favourite things is a Sunday morning lie in and then pajamas until late afternoon. You cannot be expected to be Beyonce standard all day everyday so just be comfortable with each other. You should be able to be a complete bum or red carpet ready depending on how you feel that day and not be paranoid about it. I just could not be one of these women who always looks amaaazing. We need our lazy days and they are twice as good with a lazy day buddy!

No Secrets
You will get to know each other really really well, the good and the not so good. You will have to support each other no matter what especially when it comes to all night tummy viruses or worse... It's hard to look your usual gorgeous self when you feel and look like this but again it works both ways. One thing you absolutely have to do is close the bathroom door when you are busy...there is nothing more unattractive! 

Soooo it is 10:30PM and my mind is failing me!! That is all I can think of right now. Let me know your tips and advice in the comments below!! I hope you got a lil giggle out of this. 

Love Mel xx 


Sunday, 20 July 2014

REVIEW | Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is being discussed everywhere right now. I honestly went to Tesco to purchase the Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Make-Up Remover but it was sold out. I decided to buy this instead because it is suitable for use on eyes and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I religiously use Dermalogica Special Cleansing so it was always going to be hard to tear me away from it. I had quite a lot of eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara on and the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water removed it really fast and with no discomfort whatsoever. I fell in love!!! 

I decided then to remove all my makeup with it to see the full effects and I am very impressed. I applied a small amount to two cotton circles and removed my makeup in upward sweeping movements. Always work upwards and rub in moisturizers etc. in upward sweeping movements as downwards drags the skin and encourages wrinkles. In only a few minutes my makeup was completely removed and my skin felt so clean and fresh. One major plus to this product was that it doesn't require rinsing. This makes my life a hell of a lot easier. The thing that annoys me most about cleansers that need rinsing is when you accidentally wet your hair when removing your makeup!!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is suitable for use on even the most sensitive skins. The name Micellar Cleansing Water comes from the active ingredient micelles which act like magnets and lift the makeup from the skin for super easy and efficient removal, no more rubbing and scrubbing!! One little worry I had was that it would be used up really fast but it comes in a really generous 400ml size and will allow for approximately 200 uses. A lot of girls are excellent as removing their makeup at night time but rarely or never cleanse in the mornings before makeup application and this is a huge shame. Cleansing before makeup application ensures a clean and fresh canvas for you to work on. It gives a much better finish to your makeup. I think the fact that this doesn't require rinsing and you don't have to haul ass to the bathroom will encourage girls to make it part of their morning routine. If you use baby wipes or makeup removing wipes STOP!!! Pop this on your bedside locker with some cotton circles instead... Trust me, your skin will love you for it!

Other Benefits (as if more are needed)
- Affordable product.
- No perfume.
- No harsh chemicals.
- Can be used on eyes, face and lips.
- Hypoallergenic.
- Suitable for all skin tips and ages.
- Does not leave a greasy or oily residue.
- Does not leave your skin feeling tight.
- Leaves skin soft and hydrated.
 - Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water was selling for €6.29 but it now only €4.19 for a limited time only in Boot's Pharmacies.

Let me know if you try or have tried this product. I would love to hear from you!
Melissa x

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Friday, 18 July 2014

DIY | Makeup Brush Holder

You Will Need
Bath crystals
A jar or jars depending on how many you need
Nail brush (optional)
A spoon

I've gone mad on DIY projects lately. The pregnancy must be making me creative. I recently moved house and at the moment I am organising my make-up area. I needed something other than a make-up bag to hold my brushes and then I had a brainwave to make cute and creative jar holders. 

How To
1. Clean and sterilise the jars in hot water. While the label is wet scrub it off using a nail brush. You could pick it off with your nails but this is much quicker. 

2. Use a spoon to evenly measure your bath crystals between the jars you have. I had two and this was loads for the amount of brushes that I have. 

3. Tie a cute piece of ribbon in your favourite colour around the jar and you are done!!

It's soooo easy to make! The jars I used were 49c each in either Lidl or Aldi, the bath crystals have been in the house ages and the ribbon was wrapped around a blanket I had bought earlier that you could say this project cost me practically nothing! I'm going to pop my nail files in there to. They are little homemade beauty jars!!

Let me know if you give this or any other DIY projects a go!
Thanks for reading!! :)
Love Melissa xx

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Monday, 14 July 2014

Review | Real Techniques Stippling Brush

So this week I treated myself to a new stippling brush. The one I had was old and despite being looked after decided to start losing it's hair. The time had come to dump it!! I had heard so many good things about the Real Techniques brushes so I decided to give them a go.
So off I popped to my local Boots in Mallow and picked up the stippling brush. When I was paying for it the girl behind the counter told me she uses it and loves it. I couldn't wait to try it. I like to pump some foundation onto the back off my hand and then gently dip my stippling brush into it in a circling motion and then buff it onto my face in upwards circular movements. I was so impressed at the smooth and flawless job it done. It's also extremely lightweight and the flat round base means you can stand it up on your dresser or shelf. Your makeup brushes make a huge difference to your finished look! I am defo buying more Real Techniques brushes... I NEED THEM ALL!!!
I love the makes it super girly
I LOVE how densely packed the bristles are
 TOP TIP: Once your have your foundation finished you can apply more to certain areas for more coverage. For example, I always apply a little extra in my t-zone as this is where my makeup tends to disintegrate from first. You can do this by dabbing the brush onto the area and press the extra product inwards. It is also perfect for applying highlighter as it is gentle enough not to disturb the foundation underneath. 

You can purchase your own Real Techniques stippling brush by clicking HERE. Don't forget to collect your Boots Advantage Points as they build up to a nice little free treat every now and again!

Thank you for reading!!
Love Mel xx

Sunday, 6 July 2014

20 Uses For Bio Oil

20 Amazing Uses For Bio-Oil

1. Absolutely lather it on stretch marks, most people see an improvement in eight to ten weeks. 

2. In 65% of cases studied Bio Oil helped to reduce the appearance of scars in as little as four weeks. 

3. If you suffered with acne in the past are have been left with dark patches of acne scars applying Bio Oil will reduce it.

4. In just six weeks Bio Oil can help improve uneven skin tone and any blotchy areas.

5. Bio Oil contains Vitamin E and A, Lavender and Rosemary Oils making it an amazing anti-ageing product.

6. It can be used on extra dry skin after tattoo removals.

7. Applying Bio Oil to any areas of sun burn will help to stop it from peeling and flaking. 

8. Bio Oil contains PurCellin Oil which forms a protective layer over the skin which locks in moisture and helps to prevent dryness.

9. If you suffer with dry or cracked elbows and/or hands applying Bio Oil to them will help keep them soft and moisturised.

10. To get your feet flip flop ready this summer you can apply Bio Oil to dry cracked heels. 

11. Applying Bio Oil to a dried out cold sore helps to heal, soothe and repair the skin.

12. Apply Bio Oil to your legs for a sexy sheen and super smooth skin. Although this isn't recommended if you have applied or intend to apply a fake tan as it forms a barrier. It is only advised for you naturally bronzed ladies or the girls rocking the pale look. 

13. A small drop of Bio Oil can help to soothe an itchy, flaking scalp.

14. Bio Oil can be used as a night cream to help promote even skin tone and fight dryness while you beauty sleep.

15. Bio Oil helps reduce dark under eye circles.

16. Adding just a few drops of Bio Oil to a hot bath will make it a far more luxurious experience. Your skin will feel soft, smooth and nourished. 

17. You can opt for Bio Oil as an affordable massage oil.

18. Applying a small amount of Bio Oil can help heal dryness and make your lips super soft.

19. Men and woman can use Bio Oil before shaving as it ensures a closer shave and also helps to soothe the skin.

20. Bio Oil will soothe freshly plucked eyebrows.

~ Comment below if you guys know of anymore uses! ~
Thanks for reading!!
Love Mel x

Thursday, 3 July 2014

10 Random Facts About Me!

1. I LOVE dogs a ridiculous amount. I get sad if I see a dog wandering around town without an owner!!

2. In primary school I won a load of national awards for having the best and neatest handwriting. I'm still a total neat freak to this day!

3. I once had a pet gerbil. Her name was Phoebe because she was kinda crazy like Phoebe from friends. Mammy and I cried so much when she went to gerbil heaven.

4. When I was really young I actually tried to shave my face because I saw my daddy doing it! I'm lucky I don't look like the Joker's sister now lol! 

5. I once played in Croke Park for Offaly ladies. It was only a little half time match when I was like 13 but it was an amazing experience.

6. The first foundation I ever bought was £2 in Texas in Tullamore. It was an awful panstick yoke and was literally yellow in colour but at the time I was delighted with life!! 

7. As a child whenever I ate anything I would never finish it. I would always leave some for my daddy when he came home from work. It could have been sweets, crisps, dinner or whatever but I always left some for him. Harmless or what?? 

8. I love to bake especially the decorating at the end!

9.  My favourite colour is baby pink. I love it!! I nearly always have it on my nails and on my lips. I always picture my bridesmaids dresses to be baby pink to!

10. My favourite alcoholic drink is a mojito. I just love how refreshing they are. I am terrible for robbing the glasses from the bar to depending on how many I've had. They always just look so pretty! 

 I hope that gives you guys a little insight into me, myself and I.
As always thanks so much for reading!!

Love Mel. xx

Push Makeup Product Reviews


I was like a child on christmas morning opening these...actually no I was worse!

When Push Makeup reached out to beauty bloggers to take part in a Push Makeup Challenge I jumped at the chance. I've heard so much about Push Makeup and always creep their facebook but I hadn't actually tried any of their products until now. Basically the challenge was that I had to post a totally embarrassing no makeup selfie to facebook, twitter and instagram. I then had one hour to create a fun and hopefully someway gorgeous makeup look using only five products!!!

When I opened the parcel and saw foundation I was like YAY!!! I couldn't wait to try it. It was quite late when I got my post as I was late home but I still couldn't resist trying it out. This foundation is amazing. The best way I can explain it is that it has the same coverage and staying power as the infamous EsteƩ Lauder Double Wear without looking caked and is a million times easier to reply. I was a bit bold during the week and used a baby wipe instead of my usual Dermalogica and I have a few spots on my chin as a result. All I could think was typical, I have to do a makeup challenge with a blotchy red chin BUT the Push HD Foundation totally covered them. This can be clearly seen in the before and after pictures at the end of this blog post. Push HD Foundation can be purchased here: Trust me, you won't regret it.

The lipstick is an amazing colour. I love purples as they work well with my dark hair and contrast with my green eyes although saying that I barely ever use or buy purples so I was delighted to receive this. The pigment is amazing. It is like a burst of colour onto your lips. It is very easy to apply and is very long lasting. I have quite dry chapped lips. I bite them when I am bored or frustrated so as a result they aren't in the best nick. The Push Darcy Lipstick totally concealed this and despite being matte is has a really good moisturising feel to it. Push Darcy Lipstick can be purchased here:

Push HD Pigments Shadow in bubbles is quite a multifunctional and creative product. I swept it across my eyelid for a fun and sparkly look but it also looks amazing dusted across your cheek or brow bones, basically anywhere you highlight. I love finding a product like that. As pigments go this one is quite easy to control. Just apply it to your brush, tap off the excess and away you go! Push HD Pigments Shadow (Bubbles) can be purchased here:

The Push Brown Mud Gel Eye Pencil just effortlessly glides on. It is so easy to apply and gives instant colour. I love brown eyeliners and this has gone straight to my list of favourites. Aswell as having amazing pigment this eye pencil also blends really well making it really easy to do a fab smokey eye. Push Brown Mud Gel Eye Pencil can be purchased here:


So it's back to purples again with the Push Define Liquid Eyeliner in Purple Orchid. When it comes to liquid eyeliners this is the kind of brush you want. It is similar to a little tiny paintbrush and it moves with you and the flow of your hand making it very easy to create various eyeliner looks. I really liked the colour on my eyes. It is a refreshing and welcome break from black all the time. I guess that just puts the whole idea of the challenge into prospective... I Push-ed myself to try something new and different and now I love it!!

So here is my Push #readysteadypushmakeup challenge before and after picture. It's actually scary what a difference just five products can make to a girls face. Where would we be without our war paint eh?!

To finish up I would like to thank Push Makeup for the gorgeous products and for chosing me to take part in your challenge. I really enjoyed it!! xx

For more information on Push Makeup you can check out their website or visit them on facebook here:

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