Friday, 27 June 2014

So I'm Gonna Be A Momma...

I'll be honest writing pregnancy related blog posts isn't something I saw myself doing when I started this blog in November but hey here we are! February just gone by, valentines day to be exact myself and my other half Josh got the most AMAZING news ever...we were expecting our first baby!! We were and obvs still are literally over the moon. It is the most life changing news ever and sharing it with family and friends is daunting but the love and support you feel is really overwhelming. 

The very first time I met Josh was October 2007 on a school tour in Barcelona and it was love at first sight. I honestly fell in love with him all over again when we found out a little mini me/us was on the way. I won't go on to much about him but he is the sweetest, most thoughtful and patient man in the world. I rely on him so much, sometimes for silly things like a constant supply of suppoertive hugs or closing my shoes because I can't reach them! I commend any woman who has, is or will be going at it alone. I don't think I could so ye ladies are superwomen!!

So the whole pregnancy thing is a huge roller-coaster or emotions, good and sometimes bad. The first thing you can do is kiss goodbye to your skinny jeans. For me anyway these were the first things that left my wardrobe. I'm quite lucky that I am having a summer pregnancy as I can get away with wearing maxi dresses and skirts etc. You will also need to book yourself in for a bra measurement...they get huge and very quickly!! Oh and I can't eat so much as a biscuit without being crippled with heartburn, rennie and/or gaviscon are now my best friend. I swear I am single handedly keeping my local pharmacy in business. When it comes to cravings I have had a few so far including potato wedges, kinder buenos, mr freeze cool pops and now pingu bars but not together so don't panic. 

Bump meets So Sue Me!!
The past month or so has been great because my bump is quite visible now. There is a stage in early pregnancy when you just look a bit chubby and not actually like you have a bump. This was upsetting for me as I am such an image conscience freak! Random strangers on the train or in my job always ask about the baby and it's so nice. It's always the same questions, ''When is the baby due? Is it a boy or a girl? Any names yet??'' so when your time arrives be prepared to be on repeat all day everyday. One thing you absolutely need when you are pregnant is a pregnancy diary, you can get really cute ones in Easons. Mine is like a little record book of how I'm feeling week to week and it has scrap book pages to for photos etc. I even keep the bus tickets from our trip to the hospital for our scan. I am such a loser like!! It's such a good present for a newly pregnant friend or family member to.

One of my favourite comfy!!
I'll be honest as I always am I was quite nervous about writing this blog post. I wanted to share my experiences with you all without being to forward and in your face. The phrase TMI springs to mind! Lol. If you have any more questions you can message me on facebook or email me at the address below. There will be more pregnancy blog posts to follow. I hope you enjoyed this one! 

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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy and also your recent nomination! Love reading your blog! Definitely keep blogging about your pregnancy, it will also be like a little journal for you to look back on. Have you got one of those long pillows yet? They are amazing when you get a bit bigger, so comfy for sleeping. xx

    Leanne @

  2. Hey Leanne. Awe thanks a million. I'm sitting here gobsmacked at the response to the post. I honestly didn't think people would be interested!!! I haven't invested in one of those pillows yet but sleeping comfortably is getting increasingly more challenging! xx

  3. I found reading pregnancy related blogs really helpful when I was pregnant, as everything was so new to me. Even though Im not pregnant Id still love to read your posts. Yes, those pillows are the business, trust me!! :) xxx

  4. Hi Mel, it's Emma from The Fashion Six blog. Ever since a lot of us irish bloggers got together on the Facebook group i've been following your updates! Loving this little post and your approach to it, you look great and I can't believe you met Sue! I'm not in the same situation but I love reading cute little posts like this... is that weird? Haha Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy and I look forward to more pregger related posts!

  5. Thanks so much for the advice Leanne. I will defo keep an eye out on my next baby shop! :) Hiya Emma. The group is great. I found so many blogs to check out! :) Sue is the loveliest girl. She's absolutely stunning and makes time to chat and talk to everyone. :) Thank you for reading my pregnancy post to and no it's not weird that you enjoy reading them!! I was reading pregnancy blogs before I was preggars to!! Xx Mel xx


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