Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Aussie Hair & Blog Awards 2014

So on Monday evening I attended my very first official blogging event ever and loved it. Myself and Ellen were nominated in the ''Most Aussome Newcomer'' category which is an honour considering our blog is a little over six months old. When we began creating Lipstick And Louboutins we had no idea it would take off like it did and we are just over the moon about it. 

I LOVED taking this photo!!
 The event itself took place in House on Leeson Street, Dublin. One of the most amazing things about it was actually meeting other bloggers in person rather than just chit chat online. I was sitting there looking around going who do I recognize and then shamelessly introduced myself to Sue from Makeup By Ruby Sue Blog. She then introduced me to some other fellow bloggers and the chatting and photo taking began!!

Myself and Sue from Makeup By Ruby Sue Blog

I am still in shock over the fact that I met Suzanne Jackson from AND the amazingly beautiful Vogue McFadden!! They are both such lovely and really friendly girls. I nearly gave them both a heart attack when I told them I was six months preggars! Suzanne actually never felt a baby bump before so I let her say hello to little child is now blessed!! LOL! 

Me and bumps future godmother lol!

Impossible to look half decent in a photo beside this stunner!
So then we had a cute little BBQ and there was an incredible amount of prosecco going around... I stuck to my passion-fruit and lime cocktail. It was soooooo yummy! Despite the fact that we didn't win I still had the most amazing time and our category winner Dee from La Belle Mama is honestly such a sweetheart!! She is one of them girls you start chatting and feel comfortable with immediately like you've known her forever. 

Some fellow bloggers and I. Dee (La Belle Mama), Sue (Makeup By Ruby Sue) & Sonia (Irish Food Goddess).
So to round up I had an amazing time and met some really lovely people. So looking forward to the next event. Here are some more photos. I was very snap happy!! 

Nearly died when I saw this on instagram page

An amazing drawing by my talented little sister of me meeting So Sue Me

The goodie bag contents... Cannot wait to use them!!

Gorge centre pieces and prosecco (that I couldn't have booooo)!

Happy sistas!

Let me take a selfie.
Geraldine O'Callaghan PR (centre), Kate from Pure Irish Sugar (right) and I.  
Again a massive thank you to everyone who voted for us and to everyone who takes the time to read and follow our blog!
We would be nowhere without you guys!


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