Tuesday, 20 May 2014

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water

Thermal Spring Water by leading skincare brand La Roche-Posay is something that has been in my bathroom drawer and ignored for months now. I was given it by a La Roche-Posay rep in my previous job and my god am I happy I dug it out. I saw it on a make-up artists Facebook page recently and remembered I had one. To say that I am in love is a massive understatement. It is one amazing little product because it has so many uses. 

1. It can be used as a toner. LRP Thermal Spring Water is naturally high in selenium which works to smoothen and soften the skin and naturally close pores. It is a natural anti-oxidant and also reduces redness. 
2. Refreshment throughout the day. When you're out and about, stuck in work or just feeling a little hot and flushed spray this bad boy on your face and neck for an instant cooling and refreshing feeling. As the mist is so gentle and so fine you can also spray it on your little ones faces. 
3. Set your make-up in place for the day by spraying a light mist all over once you have completely finished your routine. Don't worry about it smudging or melting your make-up because it won't. The mist is so fine you can use it during the day to to freshen your appearance. 
4. Thermal Spring Water is a massive help if you are feeling feverish or nauseous. The instant cooling feeling really is a huge relief. In my opinion it is a must have product on a long car journey or a flight. Being stuck in the same recycled air is not good for your skin so have a little spray of thermal spring water. 
5. During or after workouts. Pop a thermal spring water in your gear bag or gym bag and use it during and after your work out to keep you cool and freshened. I'm bringing it on all my walks from now on and I don't care who sees me! :)
6. When new tattoos are in the healing stage which can be quite itchy you can apply some thermal spring water for relief. 
7. If your little one is suffering from nappy rash or chaffing thermal spring water works wonders at easing their pain. Sometimes applying creams with a cloth or even your hand can be even more uncomfortable for your little one so this will help. 
8. Apply thermal spring water to burns for an instant cooling and soothing feeling. Whether it is sun burn, razor burns or otherwise this sprayed regularly really helps to ease the pain and discomfort. 
9. To anyone who is sitting exams this could be the thing that carries you through your study and gives you the edge to keep going in the exam hall. In Ireland, it is a well known fact that we get our hottest weather the weeks of the leaving cert examinations. 
10. If you suffer from headaches and/or migranes carry thermal spring water with you. If possible have a little lie down in a dark room and regularly spray it over the painful and congested areas.  
11. Avoid that heavy, sticky feeling from the sun on your holidays with a quick spray of this all over your body. 
12. Last but not least if you are pregnant, like myself then you simply need this product. More than anyone we are prone to red hot flushes, dizziness, tiredness and just an all round fed up feeling. I for one am not leaving the house without this in my handbag from now on. It is 100% instant relief and a great uplifting feeling. 

To get the best results from your thermal spring water store it in the fridge as much as you can. It retails at approximately €9.66 in all good pharmacies. 
Let me know if you give it a try!


Friday, 9 May 2014

Me Me Me Cosmetics: Beat The Blues Highlighter Review

Me Me Me Cosmetics Pearl Pink Highlighter
So we all know summer months is all about the glow and this evening I am reviewing a fab highlighter from Me Me Me Cosmetics. I'll be honest, I bought this product back in February as an impulse buy and I never actually used it until this week and I have to say I LOVE IT. As a regular user of Benefit's Watts Up Highlighter, Me Me Me's Pearl Pink illuminator had some big shiny shoes to fill and it didn't disappoint. The best part is it only costs €6.99/£5.50. I love an affordable and effective product. Check out my before during and after photos below.

WARNING: This blog post may contain some shameless selfies! :)

BEFORE: Dull boring cheek and brow bones before the highlighter.

DURING: I love how creamy and easy to apply this product is.

DURING: I like using a small sized stipple brush to blend in the product.

AFTER. Check out that pearly glow. I love it!!!
So to conclude Me Me Me Cosmetics Beat The Blues Pearl Pink highlighter now has a permanent spot in my make-up bag and my makeup routine. It is just as good if not better than it's more expensive rivals. It's a 10/10 from me me me!!! ;)

Please note that I am in no way commissioned by or working for any of the brands and/or products mentioned above. ALL photos used are courtesy of www.lipstickandlouboutins.ie and they may be subject to copyright. 

Click HERE for a list of Me Me Me Cosmetics retailers in Ireland.
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