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Pixy Natural Skincare Review

Pixy Natural Skincare
I was a very lucky lady this week and I recieved some gorgeous products from Pixy Natural Skincare. What I love about this product range is that it is irish and made from pure natural ingredients. With bath bombs, soaps, body creams, scrubs, cleansers, oils and so much more to choose from you are bound to find something for you or a loved one!

Pixy Peppermint Foot Cream & Pixy Loofah Foot Scrub

So the first product I am going to review is the Pixy Loofah Foot Scrub. I filled a basin with some warm water and soaked my feet a little to soften them up. I suffer from a small amount of dry skin on my heels (as most women do) so this is the area I focussed on mostly. I used the loofah side to scrub at the bottom of both my feet and then used the upper side along the top of my feet and OH MY GOD the difference!!! The beautiful thing about this product is that not only does it contain softening cocoa butter and the deeply moisturising almond oil but it also has a distinct lavender and ceaderwood scent which is proven to relieve stress! For the totally affordable price of €8.95 you can get salon results at home! Below is a photo of my sisters foot before rinsing. It also shows the loofah side of the product. If feet gross you out then look away now!!!! ;) 

Loofah Foot Scrub €8.95

So next up is the Pixy Peppermint Foot Cream . This is without doubt the perfect partner for you Pixy Loofah Foot Scrub. The minute I opened the product I was hit by the refreshing and vibrant smell of peppermint!  It is available in pixy stores and online for €9.95 and can also be purchased along with the scrub as a duo for €16.95! This really is the ultimate foot treatment to make your feet feel fresh and light. You will be like a new woman! Why not get a few of the girls together and pamper each other?? PS. It's also available in coconut. 

Pixy Bath Bombs in Tutti Frutti & Lime

 So moving away from feet next up is the Pixy Bath Bombs . These are a little touch of heaven!! The scents I recieved are tutti frutti (which is a personal favourite) and lime. Fill your bath and pop them in and let your troubles fizz away! :) The smells are so vibrant AND they contain glitter. What girl doesn't love glitter?? Prices start at €3.95 and can also be bought in packs of three and five so they make amazing gifts...or a great excuse for some me time. 

Pixy Glowing Body Butter
So last but definitely not least is the Pixy Glowing Body Butter. This product is probably my favourite of the lot and honestly I'm not a body cream lover. I find it a chore to rub it in BUT this product converted me. Not only is it light as air but it smells divine!!!! It feels as soft as whipped cream. It is full of cocoa butter, shea butter, apricot oil, coconut oil and vitamin E oil which will not only leave your skin soft as a baby but it will leave you glowing. For €12.99 it is a can smell the quality even before you use it. Apply a small amount to dry skin and rub in well for the best results. Love, love, LOVE this product. 

So to round up... 
If it wasn't obvious from reading above I am now a massive fan of Pixy Natural Skincare products and I will be ordering more soon!!! Another plus is that you get FREE delivery within Ireland if your order is more than €10. 
If shopping online isn't an option for you then find your nearest stockist here
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Scrubbed up & smelling fab,
Mel. Xo

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