Friday, 12 December 2014

My Festive Favorites

Thanks so much to Katie from Blogging It Beautiful for tagging me in this fun blog post where I am going to talk about all my festive favorites. I love these kind of blog posts because it's a nice insight into other families traditions and also gets you feeling festive!!
It's the obvious one but let's face it there is nothing like Christmas dinner and a nap afterwards. My favorite part of the dinner is the turkey and potato croquettes...random I know but I love them. Another food I love is spiced beef! I remember my first Christmas with my boyfriend, Josh and he thought it was so odd that my family ate turkey and ham and introduced me to spiced beef. It's delicious!! Another huge part of the food side of things is my Aunt's homemade stuffing. I don't know what she does to it or what she makes it with but it is sooooo good. My sisters, my cousins and I do be beat into her back kitchen making sandwiches with it. 

I'm gonna say Rudolph because he's the only one that ever gets any acknowledgment. I started my Christmas nail art a few weeks back and painted Rudolph on to my you do! 

I don't really have a favorite day of Christmas to be honest. Once there is family, food and a few bevvy's I'm happy out! 

My favorite Christmas song is Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas. It came on here on the telly one day last week on the music channels when I had Jake up in my arms and we had a little dance around the sitting room! 
I don't really have a favorite Christmas present. I have gotten so much down the years I wouldn't know where to start!! I remember one year after we opened our presents I went to have a shower before mass and Santy had left a purple bike in the bath for me...random but was brilliant. For some reason I always remember getting my first Furby! I knew the shape of the box before I even opened it and was so excited. Another year my sister bought us all Justin Timberlake concert tickets but hid them inside his CD. It was only later that evening when I went to listen to it that I found them!
They aren't really Christmas films but I love movies like Mrs. Doubtfire, Liar Liar, Madeline etc. You know the ones that when you see the ad you just think God they show them every year. I love the classics at Christmas time.

We always get a bit of craic out of that little plastic fish thing that tells you about your personality when you place it on your hand.
I love them all. I'm the kind of eegit that finds them all hilarious! 

Josh and I decided that every year we would add a decoration to our tree that meant something to us or represented that year so that eventually we would have a tree full of decorative memories. As most of you know I recently had a little baby boy named Jake so this is our first year as a proper little family. My sister Ellen bought us the cutest, most thoughtful decoration of a little fireplace with our named stockings hanging on it. 

When it comes to candles I honestly don't think Yankee Candles can be beaten. I love any candle that you smell and immediately think of Christmas. The one we had last year was the Yankee Snow In Love and it was so fresh and fab.

For me, Christmas officially begins when the Coca Cola ad is on telly but there is no denying that there is some amazing ones this year like Monty the penguin and the one about the war. 

Every year mammy and daddy buy myself and my three sisters matching pyjamas that we all put on, fight over couch space and then eat and drink until we fall asleep. I love it!

Thank you for reading!
Love Mel x


Thursday, 4 December 2014

REVIEW | Real Techniques Make-Up Brushes

Real Techniques Stippling Brush 

This was the first ever Real Techniques brush I bought. Originally I was applying my foundation with it but after a few days discovered it is so much better for applying a primer, a bb cream or a tinted moisturiser. My foundation was a little to heavy for it. It actually states this on the packaging but in typical Mel fashion it was a grab and go situation. The pink is soooo cute and it's extremely lightweight. LOVE IT!! 

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush 

I had read so many reviews of fellow bloggers and makeup artists raving about this brush so I decided to give it a go. It is much more suited to a medium to full coverage look than the stippling brush. In other words it's my new best friend!! It gives an amazingly smooth and high definition finish. It's without doubt a must have for all makeup lovers makeup bags. 

Real Techniques Powder Brush 

When it comes to powder brushes in my opinion the bigger and fluffier the better!! The hairs on this brush as with the others is so dense that it gives a flawless finish to your makeup base. It's surprisingly lightweight considering how big and puffy it is. If it was any bigger I would lie down and give it a cuddle! :) 

Real Techniques Foundation Brush 

So I kinda break the rules with this one. I don't use it as a foundation brush. I like to use it for cream contouring particularly underneath my cheekbone. The slanted shape and narrow style of the brush make it perfect for this job! Not an essential but still a nice little addition to any makeup bag. 

Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush

Last but definitely not least is the silicone liner brush. This is my favourite of the whole lot!! I have tried sooooo many eyeliners and eyeliner applicators down through the years and this beats them all hands down. It has made eyeliner application 100 times easier for me. I've even gotten more adventurous with the styles and ways I apply my eyeliner. Sure I think I'm Leonardo DiVinchi... of eye makeup!! :) 

I hope you enjoyed my review of my Real Techniques brushes. It's safe to say I LOVE THEM

Thanks for reading! 
Mel xx 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

HOW TO | Make ANY Lipstick Matte

In order to make a lipstick matte you need two things, your favourite shade of lipstick and a loose translucent powder. 

Displaying image.jpg

1. Apply your favourite lipstick. 
2. Using your finger tip gently pat on some loose translucent powder all over your lips ensuring the colour is completely covered. 

- Darker lipstick shades tend to work better.
- Use as little powder as possible.
- Make sure the loose powder is well blended and that you don't have clumps of it here and there on your lips. 

Displaying image.jpg
MAC Saint Germain
Displaying image.jpg
Smashbox Vivid Violet
Give it a try. It's lots of fun and helps to create totally different looks. Thanks for reading.
Love Mel x



Monday, 24 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide For Her

With Christmas just around the corner I thought I would put a little ''FOR HER'' gift guide for you to spoil your mammy, sister, friend or whoever. I will do my best to keep them as affordable as possible. 
''What Happened Next...'' by top blogger and bestselling author Suzanne Jackson €19.95
''So Sue Me What Happened Next...'' is the second book by blogger and author Suzanne Jackson. She is without doubt the lady of the moment. My twitter and instagram newsfeeds are covered in photos of women delighed to have their hands on this best selling book. I read mine in a day. I just couldn't put it down. I met Suzanne at a bloggers awards night during the Summer and she is such a lovely and inspiring woman. ''What Happened Next...'' can be purchased on Suzanne's website, in Easons or in Cari's Closet.

Sleek Makeup do the most amazing gorgeous i-Divine eyeshadow palettes with prices starting from just €9.99!! What's even more amazing is that the are available in the Boots infamous 3 for 2 offer so you could get three palettes for less than €20!! Bargain!
When it comes to make-up brushes Real Techniques just cannot be beaten for price and quality. I love them and I am in the process of collecting them all. I THINK the core collection photographed above is like €28.99... It's defo no more than €30.00 which is really good for four makeup brushes as good as these. 
Sanctuary Spa Me Time Spa Treats €14.50
Sanctuary Spa products are a gift that is perfect for women of all ages. You could gift it to your teenage sister and your granny!! This particular set which contains a body scrub, body wash, body butter and a hand cream is my favourite because it has a nice variety of everything. It is the perfect pamper night kit and is also comes in very bright and impressive packaging. 

Alex And Ani bracelets are such a cute and thoughtful gift as you can pick one to suit a particular person or memory. I got my first one a few weeks ago from a friend and I LOVE it so much. I can't wait to add more of them to my collection. Although saying that I am defo one for sentimentality when it comes to jewellery. I like to be able to tell a little story about who got me what and why! 

I hope you all got even some inspiration from today's blog post even if it's only more things you want to buy for yourself!
Thank you for reading!
Love Mel x


Saturday, 22 November 2014

Review | #EylureBrows

Eylure have always been my go to brand when it comes to eyelashes so you can imagine my excitement when I got an email saying that they were launching their very own range of eyebrow products. I was soooo happy to be given a chance to trial and review them. I couldn't believe all the amazing products they sent. 

Receiving all these amazing products from one of my favourite brands was like Christmas morning!!
The Eylure brow stencils are an absolute God send for creating perfectly shaped eyebrows. They come in four various styles so you can chose which one suits you or the occasion best. The brow stencils would also be ideal for anyone who is a newbie to the whole eyebrow shading thing. They are just fool proof. 

Eylure Brow Stencils RRP: €6.49
The Eylure brow palette is one of the best I have used so far. I've actually replaced my Benefit Browzings with it. The palette itself contains a wax to hold your brows in place, an eyebrow shader, a gorgeous highlighter, an eyebrow brush and a mirror. So basically it is a total bargain for only €12.99!!! It's a small size to so it won't take up tonnes of room in your makeup bag. 

Eylure Brow Palette RRP €12.99
Once I'm finished shading and highlighting my eyebrows I apply the Eylure gel. This brushes out the eyebrows as well as giving them infinite hold. I got stuck in a desperate rain shower out walking last week and they didn't budge. I feel like the gel just gives them that perfectly polished and perfectly shaped finished. It also doubles up as a nourishing daily treatment for your eyebrows.

Eylure Brow Control And Shape Gel €7.99
A little extra surprise in my blogger mail was two pairs of eyelashes from the new Cheryl range. I love them!!! They come in four very different styles so you are bound to find one to match you and your style. They are incredibly lightweight and easy to apply. As with all of Eylures lashes they can be reused a few times once you carefully remove them from your eyes and very carefully remove the glue. I always hang onto the box and pop them back in. It saves that terrifying "OH MY GOD is that an eyelash or a spider?" moment. We've all been there!! 


- Make sure the eyelashes actually fit your eye. If there is any excess hanging off the end near your temples then the lashes won't last.

- If you need to trim them then trim from the outer corners only.

- Use a small amount of glue ensuring you cover the whole strip then wait 20-30 seconds so that the glue has a chance to become tacky and sticky before applying it to your eyelid.

You can check out my strip eyelash tutorial HERE and my individual eyelashes tutorial HERE

Effortless brows in just a few minutes!!
Being photobombed by my little sister and our dog! :)
Eylure products are available in Mc Cabes Pharmacies, Sam Mc Cauley Chemists, Shaws Department Stores and from many other independent pharmacies around Ireland. Boots also stock loads of Eylure stuff. 

Thanks for reading.
Mel x


Friday, 21 November 2014

Review | Dream Dots For Spots

Dream Dots For Spots
24pk €14.95
Order HERE
A few weeks back I received the infamous Dream Dots to review. I had seen them on a few blogs and had also watched some YouTube videos on them and I was SO excited to try them out. I waited and waited for a spot and nothing. My friends were all asking what they were like and I couldn't tell them because my skin was glowing...typical! Last night I posted a joke to Lipstick And Louboutins blog facebook saying that it was the best skincare ever as I hadn't had a spot since it arrived. Well I hadn't the words out of my mouth and boom...a spot! I just seemed to arrive all of a sudden. 

I was amazed when I put on the dream dot at how totally invisible it is. I had tea with a friend and we were chatting about the blog. When I said I was trying out the dream dots she literally had to look around my face for it. 

So this morning when I woke up... 

As you can see the treated spot has COMPLETELY and totally disappeared. My skin at the effected area even feels soft and smooth. The only bad news is that I now have a second spot literally right beside where the other one was but no worries I'll just pop on another dream dot tonight. Honestly girls, the way they work is nothing short of AMAZING!!!! 

If you haven't tried dream dots then you need to!!
Thanks for reading! :)
Melissa x

Thursday, 20 November 2014

A Mammy's Life Made Easier

Most of you who follow Lipstick And Louboutins on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram know, I recently gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy!! Jake is now five weeks old so you could say I am well and truly settled into my new role as a mammy so I decided to share with you all some bits and bobs that make my everyday jobs and duties that little bit easier. I guess this blog post is best suited to new of first time mammy's but don't click away because you never know what I may use that you may never even have heard of.
Me and my little cutie pie!! x
Many babies have a small amount of dry and/or flaky skin. Jake gets it on his hands, feet and sometimes his forehead. It seems to be worse after a bath for some reason. Something that helps me A LOT with this is the Forever Living Aloe Propolis Creme. One application keeps the problem at bay for a few days and each time I apply it the dry skin is less and less. I usually apply it following a bath and before bed time as it doubles up as a little baby massage and leaves my little squish super calm and relaxed. Mammy's can also apply the Aloe Propolis Creme all over as an intensive moisturizer and to combat stretch marks. For more information or to order this product check out my Forever Living Products representative's facebook page HERE

 Next up is the Pharmacy Brand Glycerine & Aniseed. Please excuse the crappy google images picture but the actual stuff is gone in Jake's baby bag with his daddy while mammy has a relaxing morning doing blog posts. ;) If Jake is struggling to get up his wind after being fed or if he is just a little unsettled and struggling to sleep then this stuff is the answer. I dip his soother into it, pop it into his mouth and he LOVES it. It is completely sugar, glucose, colours and alcohol free. Whenever I am trying to describe it's effects to someone I always say it's like when you put peanut butter on your tongue and it feels kind of thick and dry...only the glycerine and aniseed it actually nicer. We call this ''the magic stuff''! :)

For bottle feeding mammy's there are many ways of sterilising bottles...obviously but I find the Avent microwaveable steriliser soooo handy. All you need to do is wash the bottes in the sink, pop them in the sterilising unit, place this into a microwave and the water in the base of the unit uses steam to sterilise them super fast!

The Clevamama sterilising soother tree works pretty much the same way as the Avent microwavable bottle steriliser. To be honest I just put the soothers in to steralise along with the bottles. I use this more for storing the steralised soothers than anything else. Atleast this way you know they are always spotless for your little one.

This is quite an obvious one but nappy sacks are great. These ones are from ALDI and are scented so no dodgy smells as a result of nappies in the bin. The Mamia nappy sacks smell great to be honest. Also handy in the car for bits of rubbish on long journeys. 

Besides cuddling mammy or daddy this is Jake's favourite place in the world. It is a little bouncer chair that gently vibrates and he just loves it. It is suitable to use from birth to three years. Only this week my sister attached the arch with the frog and monkey on it and he has a great time bouncing away playing with them. It's amazing how alert they are when they are so young. I'm not sure where this chair is from as it was a gift...he's spoiled! ;)

Kisses from daddy! x
Last but most definitely not least is the formula powder dispenser. Again, as with the glycerine and aniseed please forgive the google images photo, the real thing is gone in Jake's baby bag. We bought our powder dispenser in Tesco for like €2.99. Jake is currently taking 5oz of formula so we put five scoops of powder and add it to a sterilised bottle of water when we need it. This way the bottles are always as fresh as possible. I find these dispensers particularly useful for the baby bag when we are on the go and for night feeding. 

Other than that I rely on coffee and cuddles from the little man to keep me going! I am LOVING being a mammy. He is just the cutest, sweetest little thing!
Thank you for reading!
Love Mel x




Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Mel's Love Hate Products


Just gonna start by saying this blog post is nothing to do with our beloved gangsters on RTE. There won't be a mention of Nidge, Frano or the boys here. This blog post is to outline products that I have tried recently and either really love or absolutely hate. Bare in mind girls that this is completely and totally my opinion. You may see something in the ''Mel Hates'' section and think OMG she's mad I love that or visa versa in the ''Mel Loves'' section. 

I love this product and wear it every single day. You can apply it under your foundation and it acts as an illuminator and doubles up as a primer. It also gives my skin the most gorgeous glow on those no makeup days.

This is amazing for those lazy nights when you couldnt be bothered with doing a full cleanse routine. I always leave mine in my bedside drawer with a packet of cotton pads. I don't use it every night BUT I do use it every morning to freshen up and clean my skin before makeup. It's so quick and easy to use. 

I randomly picked this up because it reminded me of a benefit highlighter. My thinking was to try the more affordable option before spending money on a more high end product. I LOVE IT. It gives my cheek, collar and brow bone especially the most stunning glow and shimmer. 

I am a very lucky lady to have a big professional sized tub of this product. It is sooooo good. It makes my skin feel so smooth and improves the appearance of your skin ten times over in just a few days. A little pricey but DEFO worth it. 

One huge and very common mistake when it comes to applying false eyelashes both strip and individual is using a poor quality glue. DUO is a little pricey but you will have it ages and it will make your eyelash applications 100 times easier. 

I love nkd skn because its affordable, it's gives instant colour, dries fast AND fades evenly. I promise it is as good as it sounds. I have tried soooo many tans over the years and this is right up there in my favourites. 

Tough stuff can be used to exfoliate prior to tanning and for removing false tans. I have tried it with lots of tans, even really stubborn ones and it never fails. My skin is baby smooth after it to! Another huge plus is that the scrub is in a pink gel so it doesn't feel too rough or abrasive on your skin. 

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