Friday, 1 November 2013

Lipstick Lovers

Who loves lipstick? It's like personality painted on to your lips. Whether you're a classic red, a popping pink or a natural nude this post should have your lips looking gorgeous! Given the name of the blog I have chosen lipstick application to be my first post!

Lipstick Application Step By Step

1. Exfoliate! If you apply lipstick directly to lips that are dry & flaky it will look bad & will not last. My favourite lip scrub is LUSH Lip Scrub in bubblegum flavour. All LUSH products are made from 100% natural ingredients and you can actually eat the excess of your lips! YUM!
2. Outline your lips with a lip liner the same as or similar as the shade of lipstick you have chosen. Lip liner can also be used all over the lips as a base to hold your colour in place.
3. The next step is to apply your lipstick! Keep within the lines of your lipliner and use a lip brush for a more precise application. My favourite lip brush is from MUA Makeup Academy. If you go outside the lines wipe it away with a clean cotton bud. Apply more colour as needed but remember less is more!
4. Blot your lipstick with a tissue. Removing the excess will help you avoid ''greasy'' lips from to much product. 
- Apply a lipgloss if you wish and also a little highlighter in your cupids bow will make your lips look fuller and kissable! ;) My all time favourite lipstick range is MAC Cosmetics and my favourite colours vary but at the moment they are Candy Yum Yum & Saint Germain. 

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Hope this helps,

Mel. Xo



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